Giving National Form to the Content of the Past: A Study of the Narrative Construction of Historical Events


Hey, I really enjoyed this article, and I am interested in this area of psychology. In my opinion there are a few things worth commenting on. I wonder what your opinions are concerning the ways in which past events, represented via narratives, actually predict or inform future behaviour on a national scale? Surely they do, however, from my reading of the literature in this area, it seems to be theoretically ambiguous. Secondly, and interwoven with this last point, I think your article could benefit from some empirical data. What ways, for example, do different groups and sub-groups remember Spanish Conflicts, and orientate towards new conflict in light of previous ones? This kind of exploration, I speculate, would leader to greater theoretical understanding (and possible prediction). In short, I find this literature very interesting, but I think it requires more empirical investigation. Cheers, Seamus.