A Different View on Prostitution: The World’s oldest Trade or a Story of Women like You and Me


Hey, I thought this was an excellent introductory investigation into the culture of prostitution. I am aware that a commentary paper has been written on your article, but there were a few things I thought were worth adding for the benefit of future psychological research. What strategies do prostitutes use to normalize their lives in the eyes of 'society'? I did similar research on fashion models, and to avoid negative stereotypes they re-aligned their profession with acting and art, and they created personas i.e. 'me-at-work' 'me-outside-of-me'. I'd be curious to know what strategies prostitutes use, and what ways they remember their work when they stop doing it. I was also interested in the line 'The men who fight most fiercely against prostitution in their neighborhoods are commonly their best customers'. What does the research in this area say regarding these 'customers'? I agree with the point made in the commentary on this paper - the article would benefit from quotations from the transcribed interviews. Hope this helps, cheers, Seamus.