“Negotiating With the Dead”: On the Past of Auschwitz and the Present of Oświęcim


This is a very useful piece of work given the continuing controversies surrounding "memorable" sites of tragedies. The article tells it like it is: there are no easy answers but what's imperative is to first get all the facts right. For example the WTC sites, the plan was never for a mosque to be built there, but a cultural center, and it seems that even then, the center was supposed to be sited a few blocks from the WTC site!

This article, coupled with Bresco's commentary, are two highly important and engaging pieces of work. The ideas presented should inform the planning and re-development of post-conflict zones. These works should be particularly relevant to inform the controversial plan to build a new Mosque close to the 9-11 site in New York City. Cheers, Seamus.